• Stephanie M. Casey

START HERE! The 3/3/3 Guideline

This may be the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can share to help your new pet succeed.

MOST dogs and cats will not insta-settle into a new home.

It doesn't matter where you got them or what their background is - remember that you are bringing the animal into a completely new environment with new people. The dog doesn't know if it is safe, what is happening, or how to behave... yet.

In short - give your new animal a break.

Where I volunteer at DAS, sometimes people will return an animal after a mere day or two at their home.

While the occasional animal will just be a super chill, cool cat (or dog!) and make themselves fearlessly at home, instantly - that behavior is exceptionally rare.

The above chart is a guideline to help you understand what your new pet may be going through in an approximate timeline.

Eventually, your animal will feel safe, relaxed, and loving when they realize... they are home. 🤎