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How To Help

I am NOT a Shelter employee - just a volunteer, myself!

A few examples of ways to volunteer at the shelter are below.

Please visit the DALLAS ANIMAL SERVICES VOLUNTEER PAGE with questions or to register as a volunteer.


The non-profit wing of Dallas Animal Services is Friends of DAS and accepts donations, coordinates events and has an Amazon Wishlist of needed supplies!

Give a dog a break from the shelter and some exposure out in the world, to potential adopters! Take them for a walk at the lake, a meal at a dog-friendly restaurant, a burger at McDonald's or (every dog's favorite) a puppocinno at Starbucks (a free small cup of shipped cream!).
There are ample opportunities to walk and run dogs. Some of the days and times are listed here and the shelter is continually adding more as getting out into the fresh air for some exercise makes all dogs smile. And the humans get love and exercise, too! Once you become a volunteer, you'll be kept in the loop of all days and times available.
FOSTER BABIES until adoptable age
Kittens & Puppies are placed in foster homes to be nurtured to adoptable age and size. Sometimes they are so young and without a mother that they require bottle feeding (and more). Other times, they are just a bit young so you can get your kitten and puppy fix in while nurturing them to adoptable (and spay/neuter) age. Kittens and Puppies are often pre-adopted with fosters often able to introduce them to potential adopters and get follow ups on how they are. <3
Train to replace intake photos with cuter ones. No schedule or handling of animals. This is a great way to volunteer if committing to a set schedule for your volunteer hours is a challenge!
Walk with the dogs at 2pm on Sundays!
Workout during lunchtime on Thursdays with some very grateful dogs!
Turn those scared and sad kitty frowns upside down! Help cats become socialized and trusting of humans so they may be homed and loved.
There are many needs. Sign up to be a volunteer and find out what opportunities are a match for you!
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